COMPLIANCE & RISK / Training or learning? Compliance and ethics training doesn’t have to be boring

Excerpt from session:

Many organizations have compliance training programs in place today. In most cases, these programs are pursued to both protect their organization and to help build a culture of ethics and respect. Yet, many programs are challenged by a lack of budget and resources, often as a result of the difficulty program leaders and administrators have demonstrating the value of a training program. When faced with increasing demands for training despite limited resources, demonstrating the value of program performance is critical.

Ethics and compliance training includes regulatory compliance, code of conduct, employment law, and information security training. Topics as diverse as workplace harassment, wage and hour, code of conduct, cyber security, and anti-bribery and corruption all fit within this broad definition. Further, this definition includes all forms of training on ethics and compliance topics such as online, in-person, virtual and blended training approaches.

Main Takeaways:

  • Top ethics and compliance training objectives
  • Doing more with less
  • Gaps with respect to board training